The Preserved Seed Farm Community
Komunita Farma Uchované Semínko

a Twelve Tribes Community

The Preserved Seed Farm is a sanctuary
for animals, plants and most importantly: human beings!

We cultivate organic vegetables and preserve many of our own seeds. We process and can vegetables and fruits, bake sourdough bread, milk cows and make cheese, press apple juice and sell our products at farmers’ markets. We cultivate 5 ha of new and old high stem orchards, 10 ha of meadows and pastures, 25 ha of tillable fields, 2 ponds and a natural leaf forest. We keep a large genetic resource of heirloom and resistant fruit varieties. A 18 year old fruit forest gives us lots of not so common vitamin berries and healing herbs. At the end of the summer, our experimental vineyard (490 meter above sea level!) yields over 30 kinds of juice and table grapes. We also raise milking sheep and goats.

The reason we are together -however- is not to lead an alternative, self-sufficient life in the country, but to simply be the way our God intended people to be. That is caring for and loving one another. We work hard on the farm and on building projects, but mostly we want to build up one another. That’s our greatest project. We work hard to maintain our unity and to not let anything divide us. To manage this we live open, honest lives to ensure there is peace.

We are a community in the true sense of the word, eight families and single people who live together in common unity. We are people from all walks of life who have left everything else behind to follow the Messiah, being brought together in a common faith. Patterned after the life of the first believers in Acts 2, we are a commonwealth, sharing our money and resources, our work, our mealtimes and our common culture, as well as a common salvation. We gather each morning and evening to give thanks and praise to our Creator for giving us this life. Then during the day we work together, building truly sustainable relationships with one another, as we obey the gospel of the kingdom, laying down our lives each day for those around us, bringing our children alongside of us in our faith.

The Preserved Seed Farm is a community in an international network of communities known as the Twelve Tribes. We are a spiritual nation made up of families and single people who have come together from all walks of life and many nationalities. Our common vision is a simple life of devotion to our Creator, based on a true faith that is expressed as a genuine love for our friends, husband, wife, children, and anyone else we come across. All we want to do is love, and slowly, but surely, we are learning the depth of what that actually means.

While our life is a joy to us, it’s not as if our problems are swept away by a magic wand. Its sometimes painful and difficult, as it takes courage to be a human being, especially one who cares. We are learning to forbear, to forgive, and to be real. And after all these years we’re not tired or worn out, but we’re increasing. It’s a miracle that we can live together. We need our Master Yahshua (the one called “Jesus Christ” in most English Bibles) to do it, as His love is what makes it possible.

If you would like to read more about our common life and our common faith, click here.

Would you like to see photos of our common life? Photo gallery

We would love to share our life with you. We welcome people of all ages, religions, and backgrounds to come visit. You can drop by any time. Or come on Friday night at 6:00 pm when we end our working week by bringing in the Sabbath with a festive meal, Israeli folk dancing, and singing with our whole hearts to the One who made us.

Or come as a volunteer. We are accepting WWOOFers (WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and other helpers where guests can stay for a time, helping out on the farm in exchange for room and board.There is always lots going on here at the Preserved Seed Farm. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn about and experience the many areas of life in a true agricultural community. This includes working in an organic garden: weeding, planting, harvesting, etc., as well as picking and packing vegetables during the season, construction projects, organic food preparation, milking our cows and goats by hand, making cheese and yogurt. So far we’ve had helpers from France, Italy, England, Portugal, China, Taiwan and the USA. We simply expect helpers to work with us through the day, and to participate in our social times of gathering and eating. Please call or write with any further questions….thanks.

The gates of the Preserved Seed Farm are always open. The hardworking farmers there would love to share their insights into this abundant life we have found. Please come and see us! Click here for directions.